Lemon & Sage grilled chicken

Lemon & Sage grilled chicken

Tartine & Maple

We finally had dinner outside!!! This post is definitely the total opposite of the post from last week-end, the one where I was renting about the awful spring weather in BC, and how it made us feel, once again, that the summer will be crapier than the year before…

Well, today, the heat! … Was frightful … because it is enjoyable, but also scary. If you’ve been in BC for a while, you know that a 27° C on May 26th, well, you gonna have to pay for it, soon. I mean, we all know this is not the beginning of summer, it’s just that tease: “you like the heat, huh? Well don’t get use to it, cauz you’ll have another week of rain before you’ll see the sun shine again”…

So no time to waste, let’s barbecue!!! Plus, I had to trim the sage bush, which was really starting to look like a tree…

This marinade will make your oh so common piece of chicken bursting with tangy flavors and keep the chicken juicy & crispy!

Ingredients (for 2):

–        2 chicken breast

–        ½ lemon juiced

–        10 sage leaves chopped

–        1 glove of garlic crushed

–        3 tbs of plain yogurt

–        2 tbs olive oil

–        Salt / pepper

Mix all the ingredients but the chicken to prepare the marinade. Cut chicken breast in 2/3 pieces. Marinade for a few hours or overnight. Cook on the grill or bbq until done.

Serve with potatoes roasted with sage.

To print, save or e-mail that recipe, visit my recipage; http://www.recipage.com/recipes/6025482.html


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