Slow cooker cilantro lime chicken

This time I would love to share with you guys a recipe that I tried this past week-end, from this great blog I started following: Pip & Ebby. I found their recipe for the slow cooker cilantro lime chicken on Pinterest. I love Pinterest, I created so many boards of food that I want to try!

The recipe caught my eyes, because the chicken on the picture looks so tender and moist! I have had a slow cooker for a while and rarely use it. Plus I’ve been getting bored with chicken lately! It happens, I just kind of push an ingredient to the side for a while, but rarely for too long, just need something new to mix it up with, and that recipe is exactly what I needed!

I was so busy on Sunday, that it was the perfect recipe for me to do. So simple, just throw 5 ingredients in your cooker, with no prep work, and, 6 hours later: Tada!!! Plus, there is no fat in the cooking process! That doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little cheddar or sour cream on top   🙂  (done, it was delicious, totally Tex-Mex style!). The only thing I did differently was to drain the juices at the end of the cooking, and reducing it to make a thicker, more concentrated sauce.

I will definitely do it again, next time, if I have more time, with home made tortillas!

Picture is from Pip & Ebby’s blog (mine was not so presentable…)

Pip & Ebby – Pip & Ebby – Slow cooker cilantro lime chicken.


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