Cake pop, the experience!!!

Cake Pop

So you know, those little cakes on a stick are a growing trend that can’t be miss lately! No wonder, it’s a cake, on a stick! Usually decorated with sparkles and others, kids and adult falling back into childhood love it, because it looks so cute, fun and yummy!

If you’ve following me on facebook, it’s no news that I’m a little kitty obsessed lately… I’m preparing for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, as she loves the Kitty, and I decided that it would be a great theme for this party! Then I fell in love with those:

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Those are from Bakerella, the queen of Cake Pop! You can find her tutorial here. This is pretty much what I did, but in chocolate, and withe the decorative things that I had on hand.

I didn’t go all overboard, because:

a) it’s my 1st time trying

b) it’s a busy long week-end, I had other things to do

c) couldn’t find all the suplies in my nearby store

d) my name is not Bakerella

e) I’m saving my sanity until the actual birthday, when the pressure will really be on!

Mine are chocolate, because it was a chocolate week-end: We are celebrating my son’s 1st week in school (1st day is wednesday!!!) so he got to pick what cake to do! I will talk more about that soon in another post…

Also, before I can go any further, I need to apologize to my followers, the ones that apreciate the fact that I cook everything from scratch… See, most recipes for cake pops are calling for box cake and store bought frosting… yes, I did buy those… OK, OK, maybe it was like the 2nd time in my entire life!!! You know what, I was warned that cake pops are time consuming, and like mentionned in b), not all the time in the world!!! It worked really well, because I didn’t have to stress about what kind of cake to use. The taste… well it’s just fine, the fun of cake pop I think is in the appearance, not so much in the quality of cake.

I am glad that I found this great post from The culinary Chronicles, where she tells her adventure in making HK cake pops. She has great tips and share her own challenges. Thanks Nam for writing this post!!!

In addition to what Nam is sharing, here are the few things I learned from making those pops:

– don’t worry about what cake to choose, trust me, it’s so time consuming as is, if I can handle the box kind, you will!

– put half the cake in a food processor to crumble the cake, and then add the frosting, process until it forms a ball: much less mess that doing with a spoon!!!

– regular chocolate doesn’t work so great for covering, I ran back to the store and bough bulk melting chocolate, with a bit of shortening, in a double broiler: much better

– regular wooden picks are not so great: too thin

– make some room in your fridge

– take the time to refrigerate after forming the balls, after inserting the sticks with a bit of melted chocolate, after sticking the chocolate chip ears; it pays off

– don’t roll in sprinkles right away after you’ve coated the balls. there is that fine line between the chocolate being too wet or to hard!!!

– do use a twizzer for the little decorative pieces

I won’t give you the recipe, because it’s pretty much exactly the one from The Culinary Chronicles, but using box cake, but in chocolate. I do recommend you read her post for all the tips she has to share!

There! have fun! I would love to know how your Cake Pop experience went, and if you have any success tips, please, do share!


Now that the birthday has passed, I can show you the result! Not bad huh?

Hello Kitty Cake Pops - Tartine & Maple

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