What happened to Tartine? Is she in the jam?

Well, pretty much, yeah!!! If you follow me on Facebook, I warned you! October was going to be a busy one!!! And that was no joke. I mean, the month is not over, but November, can not be as busy…

This month, I had My daughter’s 3rd birthday, my husband’s, huh, birthday, a lot of events at work, and my 1st Baker’s Market!!! But let me show you in pictures:

Daughter’s 3rd birthday:

Hello Kitty Cake Pops - Tartine & Maple


Check out my Kitty Cake Pops how-to and my Hello Kitty birthday cake!!!

It was all about Hello Kitty this year! The cake that I wrote about previously, was for our family celebration, just the 4 of us. But we also had the kiddies party, and if you remember, I had set myself on doing those Hello Kitty pop cakes from Bakerella. Well, I’ve done them, and never again!!! Why? Of course they are adorable!!! But holly waste of time!!! See, I consider myself a good baker, but when it comes do decoration, not so much… I also have limited patience, and time! But I was really happy with the results of course, and so was my daughter, her little friends, and even the grown ups! A great party, happy baby girl and good people all around!

No need for me to re-write the recipe here, I followed Bakerella’s to the T, so just go there if you want the directions.

The cake made of those pictures, is a red velvet cake (minus the red colorant, I just can not justify wasting a entire bottle of red colorant for a cake that is just delicious as is) and cream cheese frosting, both from Martha Stewart. That was a hit with the adults! One of my favorite cake to make, and the recipe goes really well for cupcakes too!

Hubby’s birthday: 5 courses tasting menu at Diva at the Met

The Metropolitan Hotel, that’s where I work. In there, the restaurant, Diva at the Met, is one of the best restaurant of the city!!! I’m not just saying! It’s true! The chef, Hamid Salimian, has invited me so many times to come over, but you know, family, work, and life in general, keeps you from doing those things… So we used my husband’s birthday as an excuse to finally go there. And, whoa, it was so worth it! I haven’t had such an amazing meal in ages! Magical combination of ingredients, ideas and inspiration. Is was a one of a kind experience! Paired with wines, specially chosen to compliment the dishes, DELICIOUS!

For more info about Diva, check out the web-site! If you ever want to try it, and you should, really, let me know!

Events at work

Well, if you don’t know yet, baking and blogging are actually not my job… One of the reason why my blogging is so inconsistent; I do actually have a really busy day-time job! And although I often complain on how busy and crazy this job is, I do love it! But most of it, I love the people! Great team really, no haters in that bunch! We do have quite our share of fun! And that’s really important, don’t you think? Mostly when your job is quite stressful, ours is, joking around helps to relax and reconnect. We had people leaving us, not that fun, but still calling for Party! Birthdays (in the picture, my colleagues trashing another co-worker’s desk for her birthday) and month-long fund-raising for BC Hospitality Foundation. To raise money, me and my team did a bake sale. We collected $220 in one day, not bad huh?

The Bakers Market

Here I am finally! I had been anxiously waiting and getting ready for this event! It is the first time that I got total strangers tasting and buying my baked goodies! It was an amazing adventure!!! Very tiring though! After coming back from my day time job, I was getting ready all last week for that (here is another reason for the lack of posts lately…) preparing and choosing recipes, baking, marketing, finding props, and just getting organised! It went great, I did really well, and I really think people liked my stuff! The best seller was undoubtedly the lavender shortbread! I also met other fellow bakers with very creative ideas! Visit my facebook page to read about my favorite bakers!

I have one more to do! I will be back at the Bakers Market on November 3rd, so again, you might not hear from me til then… But it’s all good, I love being busy, and getting all this buzz! I will also soon create a new page to the blog for people to see what items can be ordered…

In the jam, huh? Yes indeed. Also because I’ve been canning a lot. The latest: vanilla spices peach jam and apple butter! I don’t really have recipes for those to give you, as I pretty much started with very basic recipes, and just added spices to taste as I went… Sorry…

Here are the latest adventure of Tartine, still alive, just busy and loving it!!!

XOXO Tartine


For Hello Kitty tutorials, check those posts:

Kitty Cake Pops how-to

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake how-to


5 thoughts on “What happened to Tartine? Is she in the jam?

  1. Tartine! Whew I feel tired for you lol. I am glad to know there is another blogger who “has a day job” and yet manages to be a mother, wife, and in our “spare time” blog and bake. You have gained a faithful fan : )

  2. Hi Tartine & Maple, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award because I think you deserve a little something for making your blog always look fab! To share this little bit of blogging kindness: 1. Display the award image on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites. 5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post. Thank you for inspiring me.

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