Inspiring blogger award nomination, feeling and spreading the love!!!

About a month ago, my fellow blogger from Wholelicious nominated me for the inspiring blogger award. As you know I haven’t been writing much, so it took me that long to get it together… Thank you Andrina for thinking of me! If you didn’t nominated me, you would be in my top 15 inspiring blog too!

Now, the only thing I have to do is list 7 things about myself and then share the love of this award with 15 other bloggers.


7 Things about myself:

– I was born in Reims, in the Champagne region of France, where you get to drink Champagne, all the time, for cheap, with no guilt!!!! So, to everyone who think I’m a liquor snob: it’s not my fault, it’s how I was raised!

– I was born with a heart defect called Atrial septal defect (ASD), and had open heart surgery when just 1 year old. But it’s like I never had anything, can’t remember it, can’t feel it, all good under the hood!

– My husband is Canadian, from Japanese parents, we met in New Orleans, now we live in Vancouver, and have both traveled a lot before settling! I lived in Reims, Paris, the French Alpes, Singapore, New Orleans, Toronto and Vancouver!

– I got married 3 times … to my husband! Complicated story, but twice in France and once in Toronto!

– We have a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter, and they are the cutest kids in the world, can’t beat it!

– I always debate with myself about what food trend to follow, I’m attracted to anything! I love feeling “healthy” and eat foods good for your body, but eventually always revert to foods that are good for your mind (aka: butter, sugar, bloody beef…)

– My dream is to not have to work for a living, but cook all day at home not as a job, just for fun… just waiting for hubby to get a promotion… no pressure…

Now 15 blogs that inspire me:

The unorthodox epicure:

Because he is a real truth speaker in my eyes, and doesn’t hide any feelings about food, people, and what he consider being good. In his own words: “I put stadium hot dogs and chips & salsa on the same culinary pedestal as dry-aged beef and white truffles.”

Attempt in domesticity:

Again, a food blogger not hiding behind her true feelings about food. She is a real meat and beer lover, and I wish I were invited to her rustic feasts!!!

At 350 degrees:

I admire this high school student passion for baking! She sees baking as a therapy, and never gets tired about sharing yummy treats. No fuss and just delicious goodness!

Happy Little Kiwi:

A fresh blog written by a mum on the other side of the world! Everything looks sunny, lovely and full of love and fun on her blog! A breath of fresh air and fun activities for all mums with toddlers!

Ai Love Baking:

A beautiful blog about baking from a mum with whom I share very similar life: full time job, husband, 2 kids, and still willing to share her love for baking!

Rollings Reliable:

A Food Sciences student writing the most amazing posts sharing her passion for food and sci-fi! Always having a great time to read! Truly inspired by her imagination and honest approach to better-than-bachelor food.

The Slow Roasted Italian:

Just absolutely yummy!!! I don’t know what else to say! Never ending recipe inspiration, with beautiful food pictures!!!

French Revolution:

Just delicious food, French and European inspired. Want to make it all!!! Simple, fresh pictures that will make you drool!

Oh she glows:

I am not vegan, and she probably doesn’t need my publicity, but this blog will inspire you to just make some better choices!

Claudia Ficca:

Amazing and vibrant food photography! I had the chance to meet her and love the respect for food that transpires through the pictures!

People I want to punch in the throat:

Absolutely hilarious! I guess not for everyone, but definitely my kind of humor!!! I always laugh by myself while reading this. If you don’t have the guts to say it, Jen will say it for you!

French blogs:

La Super Superette:

Love their concept of picking some of the all times favorites from the grocery aisle and finding a recipe for you to have the pleasure to claim: I did it myself!!! Healthier versions from our childhood favorites!

Dis Maman on mange quoi:

French again! As a mum of 4 kids, this blogger shares all time kids favorite from the homeland, accommodating healthy food and tricks for picky eaters. Beautiful food pictures in kids-world staging!

Pulp Jewels:

A super talented French jeweler who is making a big name for herself! Recently established, she is hitting the street crowd with highly personalized jewelry. Added plus: she’s my lil sista 😉

Cadre & Zen:

Can be translated by: “executive & zen”. My friend from France starting blogging this past year about tips on how to survive the executive world as a woman in our age, without loosing your cool! Very informative, based on personal experience and continuous self-education (all in French).

Pour lire le blog en Francais, cliquez ici!


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