The cabbage soup diet: the wrap up!

Foggy Quay - Tartine & Maple

The beautiful foggy quay on route to the fresh market

To finish where I left off on the previous post about the diet;

4th day: bananas and skim milk, yeah!!! I loved that day! It felt so satisfying for some reason! Maybe the density of the bananas and the dairy withdraw… Also, as I was reading through the FAQ of the site, I made a major discovery: I can have coffee!  I don’t know why I thought I couldn’t, but that was great news! I had a very though night just previously (sick kid), and since I was allowed milk, guess what I had that morning: a grande latte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the BEST highlight of the day! That night I also went to Zumba, and got my ass kicked, literally!  My friend had this theory that, since this kind of fitness center is overcrowded with people just here because of their New Year’s resolutions, the teachers make sure to kick their butt right off the bat, to eliminate the temporary disturbers… eh, why not, I totally agree to the tactic, if it is indeed what it is! I hate how the gym is always mega crowded only in January!

5th day: meat and tomatoes. Yeah proteins!!! It said that you should have beef, but can substitute with chicken or fish. Since tomorrow is a beef day, that day I had grilled chicken for lunch and steamed fish for dinner. With lots of tomatoes. Was great to have some animal flesh again!!! I know, sounds gross, but heh, I’m a carnivore!

6th day: beef and veggies, as much beef as you want! NICE! I made a stir fry with beef and veggies for lunch and had a grilled steak, a big one, for dinner! It was so filling, I couldn’t even eat veggies that night! I think my stomach shrunk, which is probably a good thing… Now, I have to admit a big faux-pas… See I committed to bake 2 galettes, like the one I posted about in Tartine’s 2013 resolutions: having an epiphany!!!!!!!!  for my son’s school, so had to do some baking that night. And… I miserably caved and licked the spoon multiple time and scrapped the bowl with both satisfaction and anger… hugh, the guilt was terrible! Morale: do not bake while on your diet, even for a good cause!!!! Just don’t do it.

7th and final day: brown rice and veggies. Meh, not that great after a beef day, but it’s the last one!!!

The wrap up: 

As previously mentioned  I usually don’t weight myself. I had this time, weighted myself on the 1st day and after the last day; I lost 3 pounds. It doesn’t sound much when you read that the web-site claims you can loose 10 pounds! I can think of a few reasons why: I didn’t follow the rules to the T. I cheated a couple time, I use my 1 tsp of oil per day, every day, I did had a bit of salt or vinegar, as I just can not eat veggies with nothing on it, and I didn’t have that much to loose in the 1st place. Plus, the site says you can eat as much as you want to to satisfy your hunger, as long as it is allowed food, and I definitely did not let myself going hungry!

SO? Well, I’m happy, I fit in my skinnies again! That’s just what I wanted! Plus forcing myself into eating so much veggies really helped me rediscover how good and simple it can be. I am ready to re-introduce more fresh food in my diet. Also ready all together to eat healthier. I did a run to the natural store this week-end and stocked up on healthy snacks, so no reason to cave again!

Healthy Groceries

Healthy Groceries

Now, what to eat? That’s the tricky part, you can’t just go back to your previous eating after a diet like that and expect to not gain it back on. So I have been really careful all week-end: had some green monster shakes, home made pizza with super thin crust and veggie toppings, big salads, lost of fruits… and I keep busy, to keep myself off of food.

Fine crust veggie pizza - Tartine & Maple

Green Monster - Tartine & Maple

Will see how it goes, but I feel great and want to keep it up!

Ready for the challenge? If you decide to go on (a few friends have started it since my last post, all the best to them!), please, tell me your story! I would love to hear how it goes for you!





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