About the girl...

OK… Tartine is not my actual name… My name is Valentine, and I’ll stop you right there! No, I was not born on Valentine’s day!!!

I was born and raised in Reims, the Champagne’s region, in the northeast France. My love for food started early with my father being a very well know caterer in the region, Hubert Gerard Traiteur. Of course, as soon as I was in age to work, straight to the kitchen! Moved to Paris when was 18 to pursuit Hotel Management School. Then traveled to work in Hotels in Singapore, Paris, New Orleans, Toronto and now set in Vancouver. I’m married with my love of over 10 years, a good looking and funny Japanese Canadian, which made our family unique and eclectic!!! Because I am also a mum of 2 beautiful kids; Matthew and Elisa. I am working full time in a beautiful hotel downtown Vancouver, and love to cook in my spare time (what spare time?).

About the blog...

I wanted to share my passion for home made food. I enjoy good food whether it’s good for your body or for your mood. I love exploring healthy and trendy foods, but always go back to my basic comfort favs.  One day I could feed myself of avocado-spinach-hemp milk shakes, and the other, stuff myself with banana bread loaded with chocolate and extra PB… But there is  something I will stick to: HOMEMADE!!!! Scratch is my motto, I do take pride in making it from zero, and using quality products (aka: loads of butter!!!). I will be sharing my cooking experiences, tips, articles and seasonal traditions. Please feel free to share your own with me! I have been doing a lot of cooking at home over the years, for my family and friends, and would love, one day, to just do that and maybe live out of it! Bon appétit!

About the name...

Well, if you must know… there is a story;

Tartine in French, is a toasted piece of bread, on which you can pretty much lay whatever you want! And, it is, my long time French nickname, yes, yes, yes… See in France, there is a famous brand, Tartine & Chocolat, that does children clothing, nope, not food.

One day, I was about 14 years old, at my cousin’s communion, I was commenting that at my own communion, I was wearing a dress from Tartine & Chocolat, and it was the most beautiful dress I ever had. My cousin’s friends, whom not long after became my friends as well, were making fun of my nostalgic memories of childhood and by the end of the day, they all started calling me Tartine!

I wasn’t thrilled about that at first, but as I started hanging out with those guys, I soon realized that my new found name wasn’t so bad as oppose to some other assigned nicknames: Mikouz, Gamelle, Quinq’… (which would make you laugh only if you’re French). So this went on, and now even my family calls me Tartine sometimes!

Anyway, here I am, leaving in Canada, and pursuing my love for cooking, mixing things up with recipes from all around. Looking for a name that reflects my roots and also my on going Canadian adventure, Tartine and Maple sounded like the perfect name! What better than Maple calls more for sweet and Canadian?


One thought on “About

  1. vive la france! at long last…somebody from my own country! im also from canada, ontario originally, moved to bc sometime ago, now holed up in england on work assignment..cant wait to be back in Van city!

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