Peach Crumble and Lavender Ice Cream

Peach Crumble and Lavender Ice Cream

Ok, I might be going lavender crazy… but the more I experiment with it, the more I love it! And then I learn it just doesn’t go with everything. Like this morning when I topped my morning latte with left over lavender whipped cream. Hu! To the sink!!! But with peaches? Oh my… yummy! While everyone seem to be rushing into fall desserts with pumpkins and apples, I nostalgically stick with end of summer ingredients, and decide to ignore those first few leaves on my lawn…

First, why crumble and not cobbler, or crisp? Well, there are differences between all of those,  and if you want the full run down, visit the very informative post from The Kitchn that explains all those desserts. Crumbles are my favorites, because I really like the top to be CRUNCHY!!!

And because I also made the lavender ice cream that day, I decided to go for a deconstructed look, layering peaches, lavender ice cream and crumbles, nicely presented in a glass (or a mason jar, fashionable as it is lately). It went so well together, even my husband, who claims not to be “into flowers”, appreciated it!

Below you’ll find the options for either baking your crumble as a whole in a dish, or the deconstructed way. You’ll also find the recipe for Lavender Ice cream here, on my Recipage.

Enjoy what’s left of summer!

Ingredients (6-8)

    Peach filling

    • 8 peaches
    • 1 t vanilla sugar (or vanilla extract)
    • 1/4 cup of light brown sugar


    • 1 cup flour
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 1 stick butter + more for dish
    • 1 egg yolk
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg spices (optional)


      Peach filling

      • Peel and cut peaches in desired size. Place in a large pot with the 2 sugars and cook on medium, until slightly caramelized.
      • Transfer to a buttered oven dish or individual dishes.


      • Place all ingredients in a big bowl and mix with your hands until mixture forms clumps.
      • Alternatively, faster method, which works great if your butter is cold: place all ingredients in a food processor and process until mixture look sandy. Then press the mixture between your fingers to form larger clumps.
      • Spread the mixture on top of the peaches.
      • Bake in oven at 350 for about 20 min (less if using individual dishes) until peach filling is bubbly and crust is golden brown. You can finish with 2 min under the broiler for maximum crisp!
      • Serve warm with a side of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or Tartine’s lavender ice cream (find my recipe on Recipage)

      Deconstructed crumble option (look great as individual serving in a glass dish)

      • Spread clumps of the crust mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 10-15 min until clumps are golden. Let cool completely.
      • In a glass cup, or mason jar, alternate layers of cooked peaches with layers of crust crumbles. You can also layer whipped cream or ice cream in between!

      Find the easy to print, share and e-mail recipe on my Recipage. Lavender ice cream recipe here.

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      Drunken Watermelon Slushy. Love, Music and hopefully sun!!!!

      Drunken Watermelon Slushy

      This week-end is going to be awesome!!! No matter what, but it would be better if it was extra sunny and hot!!! You just never know in BC, so please send positive thoughts to the sky for us this weekend!!!!

      Let’s start this again; this weekend, is going to be awesome, because hubby and I are going to the Live at Squamish Music Fest!!! We are going to be young again! No kids, no worries, no driving back after drinking, it is going to be good! All day outdoor music, with a great line up of most amazing Canadian bands, even if we are really going just to see The Tragically Hip, I’m sure they all going to be good! Drinking and eating with no limits, then crashing at a hotel…. because I don’t mind feeling young and raunchy again, but let’s not push it, I am not sleeping on the campsite by the festival, nonono… Like I said, let’s make it a weekend!

      Anyhow, that’s what will be doing! To celebrate the fiesta ahead, I am sharing with you this great summer drink recipe. Easy, refreshing, sweet and even the kids would like it (just omit the vodka, please…). I wish I could bring it with me, but like all good festival, you have to buy your booze on site… Oh well, as long as it’s nice and cold….

      So while I’m away partying, enjoy slurping on this amazing slushy!!!

      Party on!!!!!Woohoo!!! (with fingers in the air)

      Ingredients (2 glasses)

      • 4 cups diced watermelon
      • 1 cup frozen raspberries (or other berries)
      • 2 shots of vodka
      • 1 T vanilla syrup (or simple syrup, honey, sugar… any sweetener)
      • 6 fresh mint leaves (optional)


      • Place your diced watermelon in the freezer for at least 4 hours prior.
      • Add all the ingredients to the blender, blend until slushy, and Voila!!!
      • I do the same with no vodka for a kid friendly version.

      Find the easy to print, share and e-mail recipe on my Recipage.

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      Post publishing updates:

      Sep 1st: This recipe was featured on Scrumptious Sunday, from the yummy blog: Addicted to Recipes!!! Thank you for your support!

      I was featured, I was Featured by Addicted to Recipes

      Nutella Brownie Ice Cream, Spontenious Decadence

      I love ice cream. I do. That’s why I invested in the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid. Totally worth the splurge!!! What’s best than making your own ice cream!!! Of course it’s good to know a few basic recipes, indeed I did try a few things of my own that didn’t turned out so great… But once you figured what works, it is so easy!

      Like everything home made, you can customize to the infinity, and that’s what I love best! Usually I start with a recipe found elsewhere and while preparing, always end up changing most of it… That’s when the note pad comes handy!
      I have been craving for something with Nutella and found this great recipe from Giada. I started with that, added my own twist, and then remembered that I had some left over brownies in the freezer… Do I need to explain? Or should I tickle your mind with 2 words: Ben & Jerry‘s. Yes, I did it, put my brownie in the Nutella base, and it was the best decision ever this past weekend!

      The other great event of the weekend was the neighbors BBQ party that we hosted at our house on Saturday. My neighbors are great, we all get along, we all love food and drinks!!! And one of them, who had already mentioned how my backyard has that perfect incline down to the patio, where he could clamp a projector screen, suggested we watch a movie outdoor! Luckily they are equipped! 2 of them came back with laptop, projector, screen and sound system, and in no time, we were watching a movie lying on my lawn covered with blankets!!! That was so cool!!! Of course, distribute a luscious Nutella brownie ice cream to the audience, and it is picture perfect!!!
      Fun times, I tell you, thank you guys again for that great night!!! Spontaneity works wonder…. Just like throwing brownies into ice cream 😉

      Too bad, I don’t have a better picture, but just to give you an idea of the movie set up…

      Ingredients (about 5 cups)

      • 2 cups milk
      • 2 cups heavy cream
      • 3/4 cup sugar
      • 5 egg yolks
      • 2 T cocoa powder
      • 1/2 t vanilla extract
      • 1/2 t coffee extract
      • 3/4 cup Nutella + more for swirling
      • chocolate brownie, frozen


      • In a saucepan combine the milk, cream, vanilla and coffee and Nutella over medium heat. Cook until the Nutella dissolves, about 5 minutes.
      • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl whip the egg yolks with the sugar and cocoa using an electric mixer until the eggs have become thick and pale yellow, about 4 minutes. Pour 1/2 cup of the warm milk and cream mixture into the egg mixture and stir. Add this mixture back into the saucepan. Cook over very low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture becomes thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon, about 7 to 10 minutes.
      • Let cool until liquid is a room temperature, then refrigerate. Once completely cold, pour in an ice cream maker and follow instructions.
      • When ice cream has been churned, add more Nutella with a knife, leaving visible swirls, and the brownie, cup in little pieces. Stir slightly, pour in a container, cover and freeze for another 2 hours before serving.

      Find the easy to print, share and e-mail recipe on my Recipage.

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      Updates post publishing:

      Aug 30th, 2012: This post was featured, as one of the top 3 sweetest treat on the Sweet Treat Link Party on the blog: Something Swanky, and in the top 4 favorites of Showcase your Talent on the blog: What’s Cooking Love. Thank you for your support!!!

      Feb 5th 2013, this recipe was feature on the World Nutella Day website!!!

      What's cooking, love?


      Peanut Butter & Jam Popsicles: a treat that’s good for you… and the kids

      Peanut Butter & Jam Popsicles

      Last week, I suddenly jumped from 99 followers to 111!!! Whoa! Needless to say, I am feeling the love!!! THANK YOU! And I wanted to share the love by featuring a great celebration post with an amazing recipe. Then, plans were changed, because drama happened yesterday. Before I tell you what, just gonna start by: everyone is OK!!!

      We were at the park with my 2 kids, a couple of friends and their 3 kids. I was watching the kids go up and down the slide, and my daughter, although she climbed that ladder a billion time before with no problems, this time, she fell off from the top, cartwheel in the air, head first on the floor. It was SCARY! STOP. I swear my heart stopped for 2 seconds!

      While I was checking her for broken limbs, my friend, looking petrified, simple observed: “OMG, she is bleeding from her head!”. Needless to say, even though at that point I was pretty sure all the limbs were intact, 1st reaction was “HOSPITAL”! So we spent 3 hours there, to finally find out that she was perfectly fine, apart from a big scratch on her head, that didn’t required any stitches, but “skin glue” (1st time I see that, and it looks exactly like super glue! Crazy stuff!!!). Anyway, a lot of emotions, I guess the kind of stuff that every parent has to deal with at some point or another. But it is the 2nd time in 8 months that she has opened her head, so getting a bit worried that we have a little stunt on our hands here! And let me tell you, that was my 1st major accident in a public place, and the pressure is ON! You feel all gazes on you and it’s like having super powers and being able to read people’s thinking: “she wasn’t even watching her kind” “how do you let a little one going up on her own” “some people shouldn’t have kids”… anyway, it was all in my head, but I still dreamed about been given the worst mother of the playground award!!!

      So because of all that adventure, no cooking happened yesterday, and no good blogging was going to happen either due to overall stress and exhaustion from the day!!!! So instead of celebrating the success of the blog, I will just share with you a very simple and really great for recipe for kids (and anyone that like ice-cream, so everyone I assume). A healthy super easy popsicle, that makes you feel like the million buck mama rather than the dumb one who left her toddler on a ladder risking her life…

      Enough of that, let’s spoil them with goodness, because kids don’t care, all they want is to have fun and eat yummy desserts!!!

      For a few occasions already, I have made popsicles with a banana base, and the kids LOVE it, the parents like it because it’s home made, easy and pretty healthy, and it tastes amazing!

      Just a note, because I’ve been asked already; it is not necessary to freeze the bananas before, but, do it if you want to keep nice swirls of nut butter, jam, or chocolate shaves. If your bananas are at room temperature, everything will kind of melt and blend together. Still good, but not as pretty! And then let your imagination go wild with customized ingredients! Once you have the banana base, go nuts with ideas! I would love to find out what you have tried, feel free to share! I am sharing with you here 2 versions that we have tried so far.

      Recipe inspired and modified from “Peanut Butter, Jam, & Banana Soft Serve Popsicles” from the blog: Oh She Glows

      Bon appetit, and have fun with your kids 😉


      • 2 medium/large bananas, ripped, peeled and frozen
      • 2 T plain or vanilla yogurt (or non dairy milk)
      • 2 T natural peanut butter (or regular) + 1 more T for swirling (optional)
      • 2 T raspberry or strawberry jam, for swirling in
      • 1/2 oz dark chocolate, shaved (optional)

      Another version I did with:

      • 2 medium/large bananas, ripped, peeled and frozen
      • 2 T Nesquik chocolate powder
      • 2 T Nutella + 1 more T for swirling (optional)
      • 2 T milk
      • 2 T coconut cream powder
      • 1/2 oz dark chocolate, shaved (optional)


      • In a food processor, add chopped frozen bananas along with yogurt and PB. Whirl in the processor until smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed.
      • Remove bowl from base and stir in the jam and another tablespoon of peanut butter (optional) leaving thick ribbons of jam and PB throughout the soft serve. Do not overmix. Then add the shaved chocolate (optional)
      • Spoon the soft serve into popsicle molds. Push the mixture all the way to the bottom with the end of a spoon. Freeze for at least 6-8 hours, or overnight. Run hot water over the mold to help the popsicle slide out.

      For the easy to e-mail, share and print recipe, visit my Recipage.

      Chocolate Coconut Brownie Ice Cream

      Raspberry & Rosemary Sherbet

      Rainbow Jello


      Tuesday Talent Show at Chef in TrainingI Heart Nap Timelilluna_linking_up

      This Chick Cooks

      Raspberry & Rosemary Sherbet + whipped cream

      Raspberry & Rosemary Sherbet

      I told you!!! That you would see more post about raspberry… yep, still picking them in my garden!

      So why with rosemary. Honestly I don’t know… I was very inspired by a post this week, featured on Freshly Pressed from Rollings Reliable, talking about fear. And it finished very well with a no-fear recipe of decadent brownies with a bite of candied ginger in the middle! That’s fearless!!! That’s the thing about great chefs, you gotta keep trying, and find that mix that nobody had thought of and make them say: woa! Of course, raspberry-rosemary is not a dead freaky scary combination, but I googled it; not many recipes out there… Plus I took an enormous risk: the risk of spoiling my delicious beloved raspberries…

      And it turned out great! And it was about time, because that day, I was a disaster in the kitchen. Before that, I managed to ruin a batch of what was supposed to be a replica of those amazing butter cookies from Bretagne, France. Total flop. Then I made pork in a slow cooker with parmesan and honey… re-flop! What was I thinking you ask??? Well that’s what it is to take risks, sometimes, it just doesn’t work…

      But this sherbet my friend, you can trust it! And you can layer it, because it’s fat-free!!! (but not sugar-free…). And joy above all: the kids loved it! Yes! Found another way to sneak some fruits in their plate again!

      Now what’s sherbet? You think I’m being fancy, calling it a name that doesn’t exist??? Well no, there is a definition for sherbet. It goes:  “Sorbets are made with puréed fruits, sugar, and water and sherbets are made with those three same ingredients. But while sherbets are made with the same ingredients, they also can contain milk, gelatin, or egg whites”.

      So voilà, I made a raspberry sorbet with greek yoghurt = dairy = sherbet! It’s amazingly refreshing, not tart, and goes well with a dollop of home made not so sweet whipped cream (there you go for the missing fat calories we saved earlier) and some crumbled cookies on top.

      I have to say, I hate taking food pictures at night, kitchen lightning sucks, you should have seen this pink! Beautiful!

      Bon appétit!


      For the sherbet

      • 3/4 cups sugar
      • 1 cup water
      • 1 tsp. dried rosemary
      • 3 cups fresh raspberries
      • 1 cup fat free greek yogurt

      For the whipped cream

      • 500 ml whipping cream
      • 1 tps vanilla extract
      • 75 g sugar


      For the sherbet

      • In a saucepan, bring water, rosemary and sugar to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, without stirring, to make a syrup, for 5 minutes.
      • Add the raspberries and cook for another 10 min.
      • Let this sit until completely cool, allowing the flavors to blend.
      • Pass the mixture and scrape the purée through a fine sieve into a bowl; discard the seeds. Stir in greek yogurt and keep in the fridge until completely cold, at least 2 hours.
      • Pour it into a ice cream maker. Freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions until almost set but still a little slushy, about 25 minutes.
      • Transfer the sherbet to a plastic container and freeze until completely set, about 1 hour.
      • Optional: Serve the sherbet with whipped cream on top and sprinkle with crumbled cookies

      For the whipped cream

      • Whip the cream vanilla and sugar in a cold mixing bowl, until stiff.

      Find the easy to print, e-mail and share recipe on my Recipage


      Also with raspberries this week, my “Friday Mix” Facebook feature:

      – 5 crushed raspberries

      – 1 tps of cocoa powder

      – 1 dose of Kahlua

      – 2 tbsp of cream of coconut

      – some chilled coconut water

      That was really decadent and refreshing! I’m thinking of doing it again, slushy like, with freezing the coconut water before putting everything in the blender!!!

      If you want more “Friday Mix” idea, follow me on Facebook, and wait Friday night 😉


      Chocolate coconut brownie amazing ice cream!!!

      Chocolate coconut brownie amazing ice cream!!!

      Tartine & Maple

      My son is a chocolate addict, yes at the young age of 4, it’s worrisome, but at the same time, we know where the genes are from: both of his parents! So when I started to brag to him that Maman is going to make her 1st home made ice cream, and it turned out on his plate as a vanilla-dulce de leche-cookie crumble ice cream (freaking amazing, I must say), the disappointment in his eyes was heartbreaking…

      So this past weekend, all sunny and warm as it was, perfect call for ice cream again! When my son claimed with no warning: “yeah! Maman is making chocolate ice cream!” well, what choice did I have?
      As an always ready to bake frenchie that I am, I just assume that I had all the ingredients on hand to achieve the chocolate project. Turned out, as soon as we got started, while my daughter was napping, i realized we were out of whipping cream!!! Gasp! Bad timing! Can’t wait for her to wake up, the ice cream wouldn’t be ready for dinner!

      There was a can of coconut cream though… Huh??? I looked at the back and the fat content is pretty close to heavy cream, and it’s called cream… It was a huge risk, I admit. I totally crossed my french comfort zone, lost without creamy dairy, but we did it, and turned out AMAZING!

      The flavor of the coco really brings out the deep nutty taste of chocolate and makes it a really intense and yet creamy ice cream! It was honestly delicious and I would do it over and over! I think it was a major breakthrough in my kitchen!

      The little plus, was adding pieces of chocolate brownie, Ben & Jerry style, yum!

      Do it, you won’t be disappointed!!!

      • 200g semi sweet chocolate (or dark dairy free chocolate)
      • 1 can (400 ml) of coconut cream
      • 100 ml 2% milk (or other nut milk)
      • 2 tps pure vanilla extract
      • 3 egg yolks
      • 2 tbs of corn starch
      • 75 gr sugar
      • 1 good quality dark chocolate brownie (optional)

      Place coco cream, milk, chocolate and vanilla in a thick bottom pot and warm up on low heat. Chocolate has to melt slowly, or you will have chunks.

      Meanwhile, whisk egg yolks with sugar and starch until it turns white. When the chocolate is melted, pour the hot liquid slowly on the eggs mixture while stirring.

      Put back everything in the pot and on medium-low heat. Stir until mixture thickens, 5 to 10 min. Let the mixture cool. Then cover with film and refrigerate until cold, at least 2 hours. Pour the mixture in your ice cream maker and follow instructions. Once the ice cream is firmed up, transfer to a freezer friendly recipient and add the brownie bits. Stir quickly and place in freezer for an hour or 2 before enjoying.

      If you leave it in the freezer for an extended period of time, it will become really hard, maybe because of the coconut? Make sure to take it out at least 15 min before enjoying, or a few second in the microwave on defrost will help!

      Find the easy to print-share-save recipe on my Recipage: